The Ragora is a fiend in Final Fantasy X found in the Kilika Woods. Ragora will appear either alone or in pairs. It is 


Treasures: Lv. 2 Key Sphere, 15,000 Gil Key Item: Al Bhed Primer Vol. 23, Rusty Sword. This place is huge, so you'll probably get annoyed with all the random encounters if you are cover the entire area on foot.

Mar 24, 2014 Welcome to Final Fantasy X! To help you find your way around Spira Ragora: 780 HP 20 AP 48 Gil | Drops: Speed Sphere | Steal: Antidote. Al Bhed Potion. Mech Defender. 2. 2. Mech Gunner.

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FFX Garuda spawn Besaid. Say goodnight, birdie!Wakka Garuda in Final Fantasy X is a monstrous bird-like creature that appears in three areas in Spira. 1 Stats 1.1 Besaid 1.2 Luca 1.3 Mushroom Rock Road 2 Battles 3 Other appearances 3.1 Pictlogica Final Fantasy 3.2 Final Fantasy Record Keeper 4 Gallery 5 Etymology 6 Related enemies 6.1 Final Fantasy X-2 6.2 Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission The Final Fantasy X Monster Arena Checklist Part of Auronlu's Final Fantasy X Secrets: FFX help, strategy, tips and guides! Besaid (1 of Each Unlocks Stratoavis) __ Ragora Mi'ihen Highroad (1 of Each Unlocks Kottos) __ Mi'ihen Fang - Need 3 for Fenrir __ Ipiria - Need 3 for Ornitholestes •FFX-ISphere Grid (220k) Lancet the Ragora, then use Seed Cannon on it.

Ragora is an enemy from Final Fantasy X that appears in the Kilika forest. Ragora's Seed Cannon can be learned as a Ronso Rage.

The Complete Bribe List. In the following table, you'll see all the items that can be bribed from the monsters. The list is sorted by items from A-Z, so you'll find the item you need quickly!

Ragora ffx

Kimahri Ronso is one of the main party members of Final Fantasy X. Like all Ronso youth, Kimahri trained endlessly to become strong enough to defend and lead his tribe, but his comparatively diminutive stature caused him to be bullied even when came of age. He would constantly challenge fellow Ronso, Biran, never giving up even after losing every single encounter. Angered, this prompted Biran

Ragora ffx

This newer release of Final Fantasy X and X-2 differ noticeably from the originals. Firstly, you can consider the HD graphics of the game to be understood as a change. Additionally, these are based off the international releases, made just after their original releases - basically, they're expansions of the originals, but still were released on the PlayStation 2. How to unlock the FFX: Learning!

Mi'ihen Highroad ✓. Ipiria & Vouivre favor the Oldroad, Bomb  __ Ragora.
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Ragora ffx

Their only ability is that Seed Cannon we witnessed it spit at Kimahri's head. But when not having an angry furry spitting seeds back at 'em, Ragoras have an elemental weakness to Fire (being plants and all) so Lulu can roast them in a couple turns. Ffx monster arena rewards list In: Placing in Final Fantasy X Many evil enemies and special monsters fighting against enemies, unlocking monster arena items is a battle arena in Final Fantasy X, located in Quiet Lands. Monster Arena is used to store devils caught during the game.

Their only ability is that Seed Cannon we witnessed it spit at Kimahri's head.
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final fantasy X - extras. playstation 2 game notes •Ragora. MI'IHEN HIGHROAD - Reward = Soul Spring x 99 •Floating Eye •White Element •Mi'ihen Fang

Ragora is a fiend in Final Fantasy X.Ragora is found in Kilikka Forest as a random enemy counter. The Ragora is a plant-like enemy that can be found in Kilika Woods. It’s probably the most dangerous normal enemy found in the area, as it has a high health pool, plus Seed Cannon can deal upwards of 200 damage to a single character.

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Mandragora is an enemy in Final Fantasy X found at the cavern in Mt. Gagazet and in the ruins of Zanarkand (not in the dome). Its physical attack may inflict Poison, and it uses a powerful magic attack called Earthquake after being targeted 10 times, hitting all members of the current battle party, though it proves ineffective against Valefor.

Defeat it quickly to avoid damage.